Tuesday, 15 December 2020

The Giant Box - Csavarga Mesefolyam


Once upon a time on a dark morning, a Fairy Grandma went out the door on her terrace

to thank the world for her blessed life.

She had her own incantation:

It is morning

It is morning

I'm awake

I'm awake

I am thinking beautiful, big thoughts

The sun is shining in my soul.

So, I can start the day.

She used to recite this incantation in the morning on her terrace,

and at the same time, she tried to embrace the whole sky.

She knew a lot about the life of clouds:

that they were always travelling,

and that a lot of them had in them, a soul or a dog or a dragon.

You could see it from their shape.

But that morning was striking because, on her terrace, there was a big box …

actually no, not a box, but a chest with a giant heart-shaped padlock on it.

At first, the Fairy Grandma completely forgot all about her morning incantation

and just stared at the big chest.

The heart-shaped padlock, as if it had a heartbeat, emitted a glimmering little red light. 

So she began to say her incantation to the heart-shaped padlock.

It’s morning

It’s morning

I'm awake

I'm awake

I'm thinking of beautiful big thoughts.

The sun is shining in my soul.

So, I can start the day.

The padlock opened and fell, and the large chest revealed its insides.

In it, was nothing but a roll of paper tied with a golden ribbon.

She carefully took out the paper roll, took off the ribbon and unrolled it.

But the paper was empty.

The Fairy Grandma brought it in the kitchen.

She had a unique candle and a special powder.

She lit the candle and poured some powder onto the paper.

And in the light of the candle, letters appeared.

In impressive bright-red calligraphy, she could read:


As the Fairy Grandma read these words

a calm voice could be heard at the same time:

‘You can read from me once a day after breakfast in the light of your candle.

Every day, I shall give you a task

to help people, animals or the environment.

You can call on your elves to help you with the challenge.

The challenges will get trickier by the day.

And so it went until the last day when there were no more challenges left,

but the Fairy Grandma could wish for something instead.

What do you think her challenges were?

And what was her own wish?

Would you like to do a challenge?

Would you like to get a wish?

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? :)

I can give you any of the challenges which the Fairy Grandma did: 

one smile, one touch, one kind word, say sorry,

clean your old drawer, draw a picture for your relatives or friends,

select photos for an album, bake a cake and so on…

Go ahead, wish for something

that could make your destiny infinitely marvellous.

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